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I had the most worst experience at Ziebart in 2015 the device is terrible there, they bring you in for your appointment take you in the back and offer you all other products for your vehicle that you didn't even come in for, they want to offer you stuff that isn't in your budget and not to say they ask you to get it put on their credit card.

After saying all that l have a 2013 truck brought it brand new my new rugs were stolen out my truck they kept my truck over night because I had extra work done they talk me into getting, someone drove my truck put extra miles on it move my things around in other places, they didn't want to pay me for my mats that were stolen and when l went to the dealer to get them replace l only could get the after market ones, they put scratches on my vehicle that wasn't there and they never owned up to any of these things that happen to my vehicle. I hope the salesman that see this remark that I'm saying he knows who I'm talking about because l do believe he was in on what was taken from my truck.

But what you do bad to people will happen to you too, it's coming around again to you too in a different way. I will never take any vehicles there again I'm finish with them and will let anybody know who are going there Don't do it, and will be calling BBB to put in a claim on them too.

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First off, ignore Ziebart Corporate's Response. They are Master Spin Artists.

You'll get we're sorry, but there's nothing we can do. Many Ziebart's are Franchised and Ziebart Corporate doesn't police Franchised Locations.

So you're wasting time trying to deal with a company who cares very little for their customers or the bad behavior of their franchise owners

Here's what I suggest:

1. Did they do a walk around your car nothing any and all damage? If so, do you have a copy of the form?


Go to your Local California Small Claims court, and recoup losses there. Ziebart Corporate and Franchised Locations are a joke. Trust me, my son and I will be seeing Ziebart in Court in about two weeks. They screwed up the Tint on car, Were given Four tries, and it still was GOD AWFUL.

They expect us to take our brand new 32,000 dollar car back and give them more chances? Apparently, 1-4 weren't enough to cause damage to the vehicle. Don't walk, but RUN FROM Ziebart. Good luck.

Pass this warning along to all your friends. Ziebarts a Horrible, Overpriced, Half Wit company, that does horrendous work and blames the customer when said work turns out like ***.

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We understand that you've spoken with the management team at the store, but have you contacted the customer support team at our corporate offices? A team member will work with you and the store to help in any way they can.

Our team can be reached at 248.837.3955 or at

We're sorry to hear about your experience, but we do have a dedicated team here that is ready to help. Give them a call when you can and share your story!

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