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Update by user Oct 26, 2016

Well It's Been 1 Year since my Last review and the truck was once again due for its annual respray. After last year's nightmare which can be read about in my other post I was a little hesitant, but after bringing the truck back a second time last year the Manager Craig Thomas had the staff remove the overspray of rust inhibitor from my wheel wells and gave it a wet sand and it looked better than it did before.

So today when I took my truck in I made sure to speak with Craig again and let him know the truck was back and reminded him of the issues we had last year so they could be avoided again this year. I let him know that I had the box panel repainted because of a dent and he said he would have the diamond gloss reapplied at no charge. So I went to pick my truck up about an hour ago due to going hunting after work and no one was around to speak to and upon inspection of my truck my biggest fear had been true. The truck was filthy on the outside.

At best you could see where they took a dirty rag and swirled it around to add some more scratches and the overspray which I specifically told them not to do again was just as bad as before. I also crawled under the truck and the rust inhibitor is sprayed all over my spare tire and half *** on the bottom of truck wherever they could reach without to much effort. Still mud and rust showing. At least make the effort to hose off the undercarriage.

I'm sure they stayed right over all the mud and flaking rust without pressure washing the underside first. I mean what kind of people do you have working for you? I'm pretty sure a 5 year old could produce a better final product than your employees. What a joke!

Seriously people please save your money and don't get talked into the $1,000 + Rust Inhibitor Ziebart Packages for your new vehicle. One time was bad enough, but after being reminded about the issue this morning from last year and then repeating it that is not good business and totally unprofessional. They just want your money and don't care about the job they are doing.

You've been warned and I won't be fooled again. See attached pictures from tonight for proof of the careless job performed.

Update by user Nov 02, 2015

I just wanted to write a follow up response to my review below. Shortly after writing my review I was contacted by Craig Thomas who is the General Manager at the Ziebart in Henrietta.

He had me bring my truck in to Discuss the issues stated below that I was unhappy about. He agreed that the overspray on my fenders and the pressuring sales tactics were unreasonable and he asked me if I could leave my truck so he could go over it again the following day and make it right. He said he would wet sand the entire vehicle to remove the swirl marks and would use some chemicals to remove the overspray from the rust protection. I was a little leery, but figured I'd give him the chance to make it right.

He also said that he would be able to remove a door ding in my passenger door. Upon picking up my truck I was very pleased with the new results. The overspray of Rust protection had been removed from my wheel wells and it was a nice sunny day and I could see that the swirl marks in my clear coat were virtually gone. The truck looks just like it did when it rolled off the showroom floor 2 years ago.

I was also very pleased to see that not only was the door ding in my passenger door removed but also 2 other small dings in my driver door had been taken out. I was very pleased with the outcome on round 2 and wouldn't be opposed to taking another vehicle there. Craig made it right by me just like he said he would do.

Thanks again Craig for a job well done. Hopefully it was a learning experience for all involved and I am sure it will be done right the next time around on the 1st visit.

Original review posted by user Oct 17, 2015

I usually don't write many reviews but I thought that my poor experience yesterday at Ziebart in Henrietta was worth writing about. I first became acquainted with Ziebart when I bought a new truck in 2013. I had my dealer take my new truck to Ziebart to apply a Rhino Liner on the bed and Apply the Rust Protection and Diamond Gloss Paint Protection. As many may be aware with the Rust Protection the vehicle needs to be brought back on a yearly basis for a inspection of the product and a reapplication if necessary. My first inspection in 2014 went without a hitch. I received my yearly reminder card in the mail and The rust protection was reapplied as promised. This year however was different. I never received a reminder card and with my busy work schedule and my truck not being my daily driver the annual inspection slipped my mind until the mention of snow in this weekends forecast jogged my memory. I called last week and was informed I had missed my yearly inspection and therefore my warranty for the rust protection had been voided. I tried to explain I never received a reminder card and was told the reminder cards sometime get lost in the mail, however, my good friend also failed to receive a reminder card this year. Regardless, I was told for another $299 I could buy back into the warranty and so I didn't feel like I was wasting $299 they would redo my Diamond Gloss, reapply my rain treatment and do an interior detail and get my vehicle looking new again. I told the sales man that an interior detail was not necessary as I do that myself, but that being a black truck, I do have light swirl marks that are visible in direct sunlight. I was told that instead of the interior detail he could apply a swirl reducer and use a high speed polisher to polish up the outside before reapplying the diamond gloss. I decided to make an appointment and proceed. Upon dropping my vehicle off I walked the outside with a salesman and pointed out the swirl marks and some scratches. He said he would be able to get the majority of the swirls out and would treat the deep scratches with a chemical. Upon picking up my vehicle is where my real poor experience really began. It was raining out and dark so I couldn't inspect the truck to see what was done. The salesman who drove the truck around to the front had me follow him inside to talk for a minute and give me my key back. Upon getting inside he proceeded to tell me about a deal they had going on that if you purchased 3 of the $299 packages you would get a fourth free. He told me he could count the $299 I had paid already towards the deal and that for another $598 I could get a total of 4 more gift cards for their $299 yearly touch up special. I told him that I was not interested at the time and wanted to wait to get home in the sun and see what type of job was done before I spent more money on something I wasn't sure actually worked. He promised me I would love the job that was done and kept pressuring me into trying to buy the package. I was instructed the price may go up next year and if I bought now I would be able to lock in the low price of $299 per service. After saying no a few more times he said he would talk to his manager and see what else he could do for me. Upon returning from his managers office he told me he could throw in 4 gift cards for engine cleaning and coating which were valued at $150 a piece. Again I kept getting pressured and after saying No a few more times he finally gave me my key back so I could leave. Apparently NO doesn't mean no to him. He even had the guts to call me after I got home to tell me about the package again and try to get me to give him payment over the phone. Very poor Sales Tactics.

Additionally, I am very glad that I did not buy the package as I had a chance this morning to look over the work that was performed. First off The black rust protection was sprayed under my vehicle AS well as all over the inside of my plastic wheel wells. No regard was taken to tape or mask anything off that wasn't supposed to be sprayed. The swirl marks had not been reduced at all and worst of all I have a hard time believing a swirl reducer and hi speed polishing was even performed as a scuff mark on the bed that was there when I dropped it off was still there today and I was able to rub it off with my finger. I'm not a professional auto detailer, but I'm pretty sure if I can wipe a scuff off with my finger, a high speed polisher would have definitely been able to remove it. I am very disappointed in the work performed and the pressuring sales tactics I had to listen to when I picked my vehicle up. As far as I can tell I threw $299 + Tax down the drain for a window cleaning and careless rust protection application job. I can guarantee I wont be spending another Penny at Ziebart and feel that the $1700 I already have paid them could have been better spent elsewhere. Proceed at your own risk.

Thanks for Reading!

lockect57 wrote the review because of poor customer service at Ziebart and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $1700 and wants Ziebart to offer any options to resolve the issue.

The most disappointing in user's experience was poor salesman antics and poor work performed. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Ziebart ziebart undercoating service for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.

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Bought this service in 2013. I brought my vehicle in for rust protection touch up.

I was told I would have a clay bar car wash and if I needed reapplication of diamond gloss it would be applied. I came back as it was starting to get dark. The sales guy was trying to push film on me to which I just said thanks but no thanks. I don't know if they even touched up the rust inhibitor.

I could tell no clay bar wash had been performed as I had driven to Florida over the early Spring and had some stubborn squashed mosquitos that needed to be removed. I had pointed this out when I dropped off the car. I now have the opportunity to have a chance at rust proofing again. I think that most technicians do a decent job at this.

I don't want my paint touched. I felt like the original application on my old vehicle had left swirl marks. I've discussed this with local dealers. They said they stand behind the new Henrietta management.

I guess we shall see. Really in Winter I just want the rust inhibitor and proper coat applied. I've seen nightmares especially on Ford vehicles as they have small drainage holes to begin with as well as Kia and Hyundai as they use a thinner sheens talk to start with, but this is the rust belt. I try to have the undercarriage washed one to two times a month in Winter and Spring and Delta Sonic seems to do a pretty good job of interior details without the feverish salesmanship.

Again I'm giving the Henrietta location a second chance this week, and will give Craig benefit of doubt. It's sad that there is so much variance between shops but it's like an easy food franchise that doesn't have much reign over rouge operations as long as they send in their franchise money and percentages they don't get involved.

Rochester, New York, United States #1051673


My name is Craig Thomas. I am the general manager at the Ziebart location in Henrietta, NY.

I would like to first and foremost apologize about your experience at my location.

I would absolutely like to discuss this further with you and provide some resolution to you for the experience you had here. I did not see a name or contact information for you, so if you could please contact me at 585-475-9820 or cthomas.rny@ziebart.com, I would love the opportunity to rectify this situation for you.

Thank you,

Craig Thomas

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