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This letter is to complain about service I recently received from the Ziebart Erie Blvd location and its manager, Joe Oliver.

I called Ziebart in November to find out how to deal with a problem I’ve had with the remote starter purchased from that franchise. I was told I didn’t need an appointment “just bring it in on your lunch hour”.

After two attempts at bringing it in and the second time rudely denied service, I decided to wait until I could conveniently leave it for service.

Unfortunately, my car started dying after running for ten minutes. I was  left stranded multiple times, had the vehicle towed three times, missed hours of work, had three different service shops try to diagnose the problem, was without the use of my vehicle for three weeks. After having the remote started disconnected, the vehicle now runs correctly. I do not live or work near your location.

After having been rebuffed for service I decided to have the started removed. As a side note, everyone who has ever serviced or even been in my car remarked on what a terrible mess I had under the dashboard that the remote started should not have been left dangling when installed.

I called the West Genesee location on Saturday, April 14. 2007 and spoke to Joe Oliver. He informed me of the no refund policy.

He did request an opportunity to make amends but as I had already been in twice and couldn’t get service when I needed it I declined. He then attempted to extort more services to be purchased by saying he could hardly be an advocate for me in this matter unless I bought another service such as rust proofing. When I explained I tried to have my vehicle serviced and the shoddy workmanship of the original install he told me I was lying. Needless to say, I was quite frustrated.

I expected a much higher level of service from Ziebart, and I am quite disappointed.

Because I do not want to spend any more time on this problem, I am returning the remote starter immediately, and I expect a full refund.

I will be informing my friends and family about this experience. I am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and registering this issue on numerous consumer advocate message boards.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ziebart Manager.

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I had taken my car in get a remote starter installed at ziebart. I had paid down before going in.

When I took the car in and left it I was told that it would take 3 hour. I had left the car at 10am and when I called at 2pm the remote start was stilled not installed. Instead they had the nerve to try to sell me under-coating and they still had not started the job of installing the remote start. Some of my quarters that I keep in the car for parking was also missing when I picked up back the car.

I eventually told them that I changed my mind and got my remote start installed elsewhere.

ZIEBART is NOT a professional place. I would never recommend that place to anyone


Disgusting shop. HORRIBLE SALES PEOPLE!!!!

They showed no respect to the employees they

Talked to the workers like they were there pesonal slaves.


I left my minivan for "Complete" interior exterior detailing and window tint. They didn't even clean the steering wheel in front of my eyes. Think about the rest of the minivan. It was a terrible experience with them. There was no detailing at all. When I showed the dirty spots at the sliding doors, the guy used a very oily towel. I shown couple more spots on the dash and cup holders he kept using the same towel and I had to say "-stop it please, don't you have another towel for cleaning interior?" He looked at me like he is cursing. Window tint film installation was very poor.

-No respect to customer

-No honesty

-Very poor work

-Joe is still there


Joe oliver will rape you and eat your food he is a fat piece of *** and they treat there employes like ***


Joe Oliver has also repeatedly tried to sell me extra services or bundle them. I declined this time as I did not need anything extra and didnt have extra money to blow.

I got there, was made to wait and then told, I was all set, and my keys were on the dash board with car unlocked. This is a relatively high crime area. The response I got was, "We do it all the time, and we've never had a problem." However, it only takes once for a car to be stolen, esp. when they are off to the side.

Secondly, everyone who came into the store got their keys in there at the counter, and normally where I have gotten mine every other time I have been there for last 8+ years and paid for some sort of extra service from in the store at the counter... I wonder if it's only those who don't buy extra whose cars are left free for the taking.

I am disgusted, and this is not the first problem I have had with them. I highly recommend you find somewhere else to take your car.


I have had nothing but good luck with the guys at Ziebart at the Eire Blvd location. Been using them for years.


I had a completely different experience, not sure if things have changed since your visit. I had my car undercoated last year and went back to get a diamond coat on my paint at the end of the year. Staff was professional and friendly.



Burt, New York, United States #23710

I truely feel for you-I worked at Ziebart as a manager 10 years ago -they had the same problems back then, and it sounds like they've just gotten worse. Some of the people they hire to work on people's cars I won't let touch my daughter's tricycle! Anyways-they have a Corporate office in Michigain I beleive-have you tried contacting them?

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